In 2003, in less than five years from the Grand Opening (1998) of Soul DA Soul Restaurant I created and perfected a secret formula of garlic based Homemade Breading for Fish and Chicken. Shortly after recognizing there was a market and a high demand for my delicious tasting seasoning with a secret for both Spicy and Regular chicken and or fish. This successful endeavor launched the Soul DA Soul Seasoning/Breading Products for Chicken and Fish. It was the best, most sought after and the most popular Chicken Dinners in Kankakee. Additionally, the demand for my secret recipe for chicken and fish dinners continued to increase. It became not only the talk of the town but was the "Best Chicken" in Kankakee, Illinois



Soul Da Soul'S STORY

Soul DA Soul Chicken and Fish Seasoning is committed to providing quality, healthy and affordable seasoning that our customers have come to love and we live up to being the Best Seasoning on the Market for fried chicken and fish



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